HavServe_Multi purpose center facilities


HavServe overarching goals:

  • To improve literacy among school children, youth and under-served adults; build self-esteem and community cohesion among villagers; and introduce isolated populations to the larger network of available online services of the larger community of volunteers and pro bono consultants around the world.
  • To enhance existing grade school and after-school academic programs and attract drop out teens to a modern and attractive learning environment.
  • To remove barriers for rural youth and children so they can acquire skills through exposure to modern technology such as the Internet, mobile technology by implementing e-learning in rural communities by assisting children with school work remotely, connecting them to online resources.
  • To integrate rural Haitians into the larger society by giving them access to skills and knowledge that can be provided by Haitians living abroad, international volunteers and pro bono consultants from around the world, while identifying local needs and issues that can be addressed through collaboration with our international or local partners.

We are seeking partners to help us build this  Multi-Purpose Educational Center to achieve our ultimate objectives and expected outcomes.

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