Sponsor-A-Teacher Program

This program seeks sponsorship for individual teacher salaries, at $60 per month. It enables us to maintain a minimal complement of teachers in the five elementary schools being supported by HavServe in rural Haiti. At present 52 teachers, serving a population of 1,250 students, are in need of sponsorship. To better meet the needs of current and future students, we have to recruit and retain qualified teachers. In order to prevent brain drain and ensure that competent teachers want to remain in the countryside to serve the educational needs of rural children, we must have more teacher sponsorship.

Teacher Training Program

For the past four years, international volunteers have donated their time, talent,  experience and resources to conduct intensive teacher training workshops in Lebrun, Haiti. Local teachers are trained in teaching techniques, basic classroom management and other related teaching skills. This crucial project relies on volunteers donating their time, experience, skills, talent, and on in-kind or material donation.

Lebrun Education Outreach Initiative

To increase access to education, especially for the community’s out-of-school children, HavServe created the Lebrun Education Outreach Initiative. There are currently 10 local community volunteer members (five school administrators and five parents) on the committee. As a result of this initiative, school enrollment has increased significantly. HavServe currently supports five rural elementary schools (Ecole Nationale Mixte de Lebrun, Ecole Miséricorde de Lebrun, Ecole Maranatha de Lebrun, Ecole Communautaire de Nan Sable, Ecole Evangélique de Larintrie) to ensure that each child in the Lebrun community have the opportunity to go to school.

Lebrun School Building and Repair Project

To ensure safe and adequate school facilities, HavServe seeks funding for materials and supplies to build or repair school facilities as needed. Local community volunteers provide the labor and HavServe provides technical expertise, building material, and coordination. In 2013, HavServe raised funds to begin construction of Ecole Communautaire de Nan Sable. After nearly a year of construction, the school is very near completion.  Still needed are windows and doors, for example, and school furnishings like desks, benches and black boards.

School Supplies Drive Project

HavServe is seeking partners (individuals or businesses) to help provide school supplies such as backpacks, hygiene kits, and activity supplies for 1,250 children. Through this project, we also collect teacher supplies and resources. Small donations can furnish the tools for effective teaching and the basic supplies (pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc.) that can make all the difference to one child’s successful school year.

HavServe Community Library

HavServe strives to make books available to children and adults regardless of current enrollment in an educational institution in rural Haiti. HavServe volunteers have donated approximately 675 books in Haitian Creole, French and basic English to help establish the only library in a community of 19,000 people. This small library helps promote literacy and a passion for learning in the community. We welcome ongoing donations of children’s books as we continue to expand the library’s collection.

Haiti School and Community Gardens Project

Children travel by foot each day, over rough terrain for as many as two hours, to five schools participating in the HavServe Program. As they often arrive at school hungry, this project seeks to ensure a readily available source of at least one nutritious meal per day. Children are taught to plant and care for their school garden and to harvest its yield for school meals prepared by local volunteers. International volunteers donate seeds and train community members in sustainable gardening techniques. Furthermore, the sale of produce from community gardens helps generate income for community members. This project continues to educate children in building and sustaining school gardens in Haiti’s countryside while promoting food security and proper nutrition in the five beneficiary schools. Contributions to this project would ensure one meal per day for at least 1,250 children and 52 teachers.

Haiti Sports for Development (HS4D): HavServe’s Youth Soccer Project

Over 200 children play on 12 soccer teams (6 boys teams and 6 girls teams) that are led by one head coach and 12 local Haitian volunteer coaches. International volunteers have conducted regular coaching sessions and summer camps in Lebrun every year, starting in 2010, in order to recruit and train coaches. This program partners with local communities and empowers local youth to coach and implement soccer programs focused on child development in each school. Furthermore, it captures the unifying power of soccer to promote community cohesion and regeneration, hope and inspiration, as well as the lifelong values and abilities the sport provides. Ultimately, this program serves as a powerful student retention incentive in the five elementary schools. Contributions in the form of funds, soccer gear, uniforms, equipment, and of course time, make all the difference to the sustainability and success of this project.

Haiti Music 4 Development (HM4D) Project

This project reinforces and enriches the academic experience and serves as a powerful incentive for student retention. The HM4D project relies on the investment of time from volunteers with musical talent or skills and donation of musical instruments.

HavServe Citizenship and Community Service

HavServe conducts ongoing citizenship training and community service camps. Children are taught the basics of good citizenship and character building and are engaged in community service projects that benefit their local community. Summer projects gainfully engage Lebrun community youth and reinforce academic learning through character education, sports, music, gardening, green technology, community service, and bible study.

HavServe Summer Camp and Educational Enrichment Program

Every summer, HavServe conducts community service and educational enrichment camps that provide an exciting learning experience for children in rural Haiti. Children are taught the basics of good citizenship and character building and are engaged in community service projects that benefit their local community, as well as play and leisure activities that encourage and sharpen their creativity, self-expression, and analytical skills. For the village children and international and local volunteers alike, there’s no more exciting place to spend a summer in Haiti’s countryside than at the HavServe Summer Camp in Lebrun. For the vast majority of the young campers, the HavServe Summer Camp offers the only respite from their harsh reality. It enables rural children to acquire important life skills and helps open their imagination to new and exciting possibilities, while providing plenty of great fun! International volunteer teachers are needed  for this program. Apply Today!

Women’s Microfinance and Entrepreneurship

This project is comprised of a group of 24 local women leaders who, while simultaneously coordinating community projects, volunteer their time to care for the elderly and children in need in the village. HavServe provides literacy classes and ongoing workshops and assistance that allow women to generate income and manage their well-being and that of their families. The Microfinance project was launched in 2013 with 29 initial micro loans of $200. Repayment rates are at 100% and there is a waiting list of 200 women who wish to participate, should funds become available to expand this important mechanism for self-sufficiency and empowerment for the women of Lebrun.

Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

Eleven (11) SolSource solar cookers were distributed in July 2014 in the rural area of Lebrun.  The manufacturer One Earth Designs (OED) and field partner HavServe collaborated on the ground to develop a social enterprise to retail SolSource cookers through a lease-to-own plan emphasizing smart distribution, long-term adoption, and monthly data collection. Fifteen (15) additional SolSource cookers will be distributed, with OED and HavServe trainers on the ground to ensure the successful expansion of the SolSource enterprise, such that further provision of subsidized solar cookers can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively, bringing employment as well as long-term positive health and environmental impacts. OED trainers will also work with 5 local schools to implement a green technology curriculum in the 5 local schools. This project is funded by the IDB and Agua Fund through Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF). OED is the project designer and implementer, in collaboration with field partner HavServe.

Community Enhancement Program

HavServe has been able t inspire local volunteers to sign up for community enhancement projects. Volunteers are given the tools needed and are compensated with basic food supplies. Local volunteers have engaged in various short-term activities that benefit the community as a whole, including constructing a road that leads into the village, planting trees, maintaining vegetable gardens, building a soccer field and constructing natural building centers. In addition, community members continue to enhance their skills and knowledge through ongoing workshops on various subjects such as community development, leadership, first aid, etc.

Maryland Youth Mentoring Program

In partnership with the Jean-Joseph Darbouze Foundation, the Maryland Youth Mentorship Program provides educational enhancement support to middle and high school students; helps improve academic performance through service learning experiences; provides résumé enhancement opportunities and training; and provides guidance in employment readiness and college preparedness through summer training, internships, college fairs, youth jobs, and community service projects.  Youth participants in this program carry out volunteer activities that support the goals of HavServe projects in Haiti, thereby promoting global awareness and empathy with peers around the world. The project further nurtures in both the individual youngster and society the desire to serve, through strong participation in positive activities in the local community and beyond.