Dear Friend of HavServe,

We’re pleased to introduce you to Sandra Fathi, HavServe Board Member. Sandra is the Founder and President of  Affect, a public relations and social media agency.

She is also a wife, mother of two children and an avid volunteer.

She has been involved in charity work, primarily for children’s charities, as well as women’s issues, for all of her adult life. Sandra volunteered with HavServe

in Haiti in 2015 for the Summer Camp, and in Spring 2016 focusing on the Women’s Entrepreneurship & Microfinance program. She was first compelled to volunteer in Haiti following the tragic events of the earthquake in January 2010. While she initially thought that volunteering in Haiti would be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, it turned into a life-altering experience. Seeing the Haitian people’s incredible spirit and passion in spite of the hardships and injustices they endure ignited Sandra’s desire to make a long-term commitment to HavServe and continue to positively impact the daily lives of people in rural Haiti.

Although Sandra believes in the power of volunteering, she understands that to achieve lasting change for the Haitian people, much more than a few hours of well-intentioned labor each year is needed. Since her return from Summer Camp 2015,  Sandra  has already conducted additional fundraising efforts, gathered technology donations for improving education, and is working on securing corporate sponsors and identifying sustainable job and revenue opportunities to continue to support the work of HavServe in rural Haiti.

Contact Sandra at:

Twitter:  @SandraFathi