Do you wonder what can be accomplished in one week of time donated to Haiti’s children?

We keep a to-do list on our website active projects in need of volunteers as a constant reminder!

One Week teacher’s training will equip Haitian teachers to better serve children in Haiti. HavServe is working on strengthening the village of Lebrun’s education system, while providing teacher’s training and outreach to the community’s out-of-school children.  

One Week teaching the “6 pillars of Character,” could change the outcome for an entire community. This project is expected to impact children, youth, their families, teachers, schools and the community as a whole. All will benefit from learning and applying the “Six Pillars of Character”: Respect, responsibility, compassion, equity, trustworthiness, citizenship for a better Haiti.

One week conducting a school supplies drive in your school, university, or community could equip a child to learn. HavServe’s goal is to provide less fortunate children in the five elementary schools in the Village of Lebrun the necessary school supplies they need so that they are equipped to receive what they so desperately need – an education. Give Haitian Children an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

One week teaching soccer skills in our Haiti Sports for Development (HS4D), HavServe’s Youth Soccer Program (HYSP). Reach out to the sports industry, as well as organizers of large soccer events to help poor children have access to soccer gear, equipment, and safe soccer field. Soccer will provide life skills essential for a productive life in Haiti.

One week teaching Basic French and English: Many of the poorest areas of Haiti are struggling with basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. It is vitally important that children are taught to read, write and speak French and English  in order to increase their chances of attending further education and obtaining quality future employment.

One week teaching square foot Gardens techniques, to develop a small-scale agriculture project to involve families in sustainable farming, bringing awareness of their environment and empowering them to know more about healthy and easy production of food for themselves and their family.

One week teaching proper hygiene and water treatment to a community could prevent thousands from dying from cholera outbreak and other diseases.

One week fixing a dilapidated school to create safe space for learning for hundreds of children.

As long as we can count on you to be a part of this initiative, we will find a way to make progress on all fronts — continuing to make access to education and training our number one weapon against the ongoing poverty in Haiti. Nobody can do it alone, so we need you to join our team of volunteers, supporters, and donors this summer.

Say you’re in by choosing your impact below and continue making a difference along with us!