No matter who you are, or where you come from, whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional or somewhere in between, you’ve witnessed leaders in action. Locally, you may have interacted with city council members, pastors, principals, valedictorians, soccer coaches, the vice president of your local bank—and you can’t turn on the news without hearing reports about how the actions of global leaders—politicians, economists, policy makers—impact the daily lives of those over whom they have influence.

Naturally, history has seen its fair share of commendable commanders-in-chief and despicable despots, but through the course of human existence we’ve sought to understand what methodologies constitute as inspiring leadership.

If you’re ever held a leadership position yourself, you know that fostering inspiration, empathy, and awareness are all necessary pieces to build foundations for lasting leadership, and at HavServe that’s the approach we’re taking to inject hope into the next generation of Haitian leaders in Haiti and the immigrant population in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

Rural environments, such as those in southwestern Haiti, can be challenging places to cultivate effective leadership, as a lack of resources can inhibit community members from receiving proper leadership training. This year’s Annual Summer Camp and Educational Enrichment program will provide our 500 campers with immediate deliverables—basic soft and technical skills that will allow them to understand the value of effective leadership in the context of their rural communities.

In urban D.C., HavServe has worked closely with young members from immigrant families through our Youth Mentoring Program. We’ successfully coached 75 participants through high school graduation, with 90% of them attending university.

With the implementation of appropriate infrastructure to train, inspire, and educate young Haitians and Americans, we hope to bring our Caribbean and Caribbean-American brothers and sisters to higher sights, higher standards, and beyond their normal limitations.  Contribute to our cause by donating or volunteering to help lead Haiti to a promising future.