What can we do together to help end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture in developing communities?

Haiti has made only a fitful recovery from the 2010 quake, which all but destroyed the national government and left hundreds of thousands of children homeless and without school buildings, and ensuing disasters have deepened the country’s misery. Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 ravaged Haiti’s southwest peninsula, laying waste to villages and farmland. These acute crises, laid atop chronic poverty, make Haiti a fragile place for the most vulnerable population – the children. Agriculture remains a critical sector for Haiti’s growth and development, but the country is failing to produce enough food to feed its population of over 10 million citizens. According to the UN, Haiti imports more than 50 percent of its food for its population’s needs, and imports 80 percent of its staple food, rice.

What can we do about these painful statistics, when we know there are children suffering from hunger and chronic malnutrition?

  • We can think about Zero Hunger.
  • We can have debates about Zero Hunger.
  • We can dream about Zero Hunger.
  • We can write about Zero Hunger.
  • We can make art and videos about Zero Hunger.
  • But here, we are inviting you to act on Zero Hunger by donating $1 to feed 1 child in Haiti’s ravaged southwest peninsula.

This summer, HavServe will be sponsoring a Summer Camp and Educational Enrichment Program, where 12 international volunteers and 50 local Haitian teachers will come together to give 500 Haitian children a break from living in abject poverty and constant hunger, all while providing training on seed saving, nutrition and school community gardening. We’re looking to raise $15,000 for this year’s camp to feed hungry children, and your donation can and will make a difference.  Just $30 will help feed a child for thirty days.   In the era of globalization in which we find ourselves, we can all act on transforming our world to one of Zero Hunger, one mouth at a time.

Even if you can’t donate, you can help our cause by spreading our word, our message, and our goals for feeding the hungry this summer. Those of us who Have, can Serve.

Blake Andrew

HavServe Communication Team