With all the commotion in the world, it is not unusual to get tangled up in personal agendas and daily routines. However, when the dust settles from our day-to-day living, it is important to remind ourselves to take a look around at what is happening across the globe. Often, we turn to the news to inform us about the crucial topics which demand our attention, but when yesterday’s news is no longer news-worthy in today’s headlines, it is easy to dismiss the likelihood that people are continuing to endure unfortunate and unfair situations. It is not that we don’t care about the needs of others, but we often forget to open our eyes and notice what continues to occur around the world.

By making a continual effort to ensure primary education is delivered to all children, we will be part of a revolutionary movement affecting the future of developing nations. A child who is provided with the necessary tools to attend school will realize the benefits of education and recognize the compassion of others. When we take the time to volunteer our efforts and treasures we are given the opportunity to connect with individuals across the globe, to affect change and be a positive influence in the world. By remembering to take the time to serve others, we are making our own existence matter.

This past year, I attended an academic conference with students from across the globe. During the event, I realized how incredibly privileged I was to be in the company of such accomplished young people, but I also recognized how fortunate I have been to pursue my educational dreams. I spoke with students who grew up in developing nations, and as a result of the generosity of others they were given the chance to realize their own potential. The greatest lesson I took from my experience is that nothing is impossible – especially when you have the strength and support of others encouraging you.

Giving a child hope for a future through a proper education is a wonderful gesture on the journey to achieving universal equality. By empowering children through education, we are placing opportunity in their hands to uphold sustainability and long-term success within their communities. By providing children with a proper education, we are giving them choices for their future. An education is the key to a brighter, more determined future, and we ALL can be proud of that!

Kindly visit: www.havserve.org/education  to learn more about supporting primary education in Haiti.