February 25, 2013 — – Lebrun Village, Haiti.

Fourth day in Haiti spent working with grade 2 students teaching mathematics.
A bit tricky when you know a bit of French (thanks to Sr. Joan Marie some thirty years ago), a bit of Kreyol (thanks to Serge Bellegarde ). But somehow we made it …thru. Even though the room was dark and extremely overcrowded, the students were learning and working hard.
In the afternoon, we worked in the HavServe Community Learning Center tutoring students in grades 1-6 in their subjects. They worked on individual whiteboards, but the markers are running out. 15 students came voluntarily and stayed for two hours. They did not want to leave. They crave attention and positive interaction from adults.
PS… The iPad was a huge hit again, especially Fruit Ninja. Not so different from American and Canadian children.