February 24, 2013 – Lebrun Village, Haiti.
Third day in day in Haiti began with another walk along the rocky trail to the Nan Sable Community School. We passed women and children walking barefoot carrying large bundles or buckets of water on their heads. Once at the school, we saw community volunteers making bricks to continue construction on the school. The men work barefoot in the hot sun, each man participating in the process. Several of the local Haitian children were playing with our IPAD. It has turned out to be a wonderful teaching tool for all of us… Each one learning from each other.
Finally, Stanley, one of the local orphan Haitian boys, said something very profound to us… When asked what the most urgent need for the kids of Haiti is he replied…”they are hungry… Some walk very far every day to go to school and they cannot eat.  Me, I get some here and there, but some do not eat. They need to eat!”