Helping other people always implies resignation from something you owe for their sake. While most volunteers dedicate their time to work on site, others are not able to do that because of family and professional commitments. However, this does not necessarily mean an impediment and an exclusion from the volunteering community. Everyone of us has valuable resources in their disposal which they can share. By pooling them, we can achieve impressive outcomes and improve the situation of the most disadvantaged significantly. You can dedicate anything you have: not only skills, hands for work, or free time, but also material belongings, including money. Only small amounts can make a huge difference to the life of others. How can this be done? We have developed an idea for you!

Football / Soccer Practice – Lebrun, Haiti

Football / Soccer Practice – Lebrun, Haiti

HavServe has recently launched a Teacher Sponsorship Program in Haiti. While there are many international volunteers wanting to teach the kids, in a long-term perspective they are usually not able to sustain themselves financially while working with children in Haiti. Simultaneously, we believe that there are plenty of people who want to contribute their money for a good purpose, but do not have enough time to engage personally. Our program matches individuals from these two groups with each other – the ones with time to teach with those owing financial resources to be invested in charitable activities. The purpose of HavServe is to retain the volunteers as long as possible in order to provide adequate training for them and to facilitate sustainable learning process for children. This will enable us to build strong communities where children can grow and thrive.

 Your sponsorship in the amount of only $2 per day equips a teacher not only with access to basics such as nutrition, housing, and healthcare, but also enables their ongoing training and support so they can continue to earn an income, provide for their families, teach full time, and mentor children in their communities.

As we understand your anxiety about the proper distribution of funds you volunteer, we will provide you with detailed first-hand information on the sponsored teacher, including welcome letter with photo and information.  You will also have the opportunity to exchange emails with them and to send teaching materials. In addition, we will send you a newsletter of community accomplishments every year. If you decide to support a teacher, you will also be given the chance to personally connect with them and build a relationship. “I know my sponsor,” says a 3rd grade sponsored teacher from the village of Lebrun, Haiti. “She writes me letters and spent two weeks with us as a volunteer during the teacher training program in 2012. I love her very much. Ms. Djeanane sponsors me because she wants me to keep on teaching and make sure all the children in the community have the chance to go to school. It’s good to be sponsored.”

For $60 each month you can become a teacher sponsor in Haiti and give access to primary education to 25 children or more. We believe that this makes a tangible and long lasting difference. If you wish to get started, please consult our homepage for the information on the next steps to be taken: