Volunteer Spotlight – Sandra Fathi

Sandra Fathi volunteering in Haiti

    “The poor stay poor not because they are lazy, but because they have no access to capital.” Milton Friedman’s commentary on the need for market-stimulating initiatives still rings true in much of the developing world. In economics, the cycle of poverty refers to “the set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention.” A vast majority of the world’s population finds itself entrenched in nation-wide poverty cycles, know as development traps—at least 80% of humanity lives on only …Read More

The Importance of Education in Haiti

On May 21st, 2005, the late writer David Foster Wallace delivered the following excerpt to Kenyon College’s graduating class: “There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the [heck] is water?’” Wallace, who became one of the most influential novelists and creative writing …Read More

Could Education and Training be the Key to Alleviating Poverty in Haiti?

Could education and training be the key to alleviating poverty in Haiti? In the U.S. there exists an exhaustive list of studies indicating the direct correlation between unemployment and income with educational attainment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Unemployment decreases and income increases with more years of schooling. The rest of the world sees similar outcomes, especially poorer countries. According to the World Bank, “Most poverty assessments find a high correlation between education status and income status.” Experts agree that the value of education is an important driver in increasing a …Read More

New HavServe Board Member and Board Secretary

Rose has been practicing and teaching organic vegetable gardening for 18 years. She is the mother of three grown sons and the grandmother of four. Rose was married to Richard for 44 years before his passing in 2013. Rose studied nursing at Nassau Community College on Long Island where she earned her RN. During her years as a stay-at-home mother, she used her education to operate an in-home daycare business and later to develop a medical transcription service. In 1990 Rose adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and pursued study in vegetarian …Read More