Announcing a Strategic Partnership to Improve Classroom Instruction in Haiti

September 2012, Maryland –  WebFirst, Inc. and the HavServe Volunteer Network (HavServe) have formed a strategic partnership to improve classroom instruction and better evaluate teachers by collecting student data in rural communities in Haiti, using mobile technology for the upcoming school year. WebFirst will be designing, developing and implementing an elementary school data system for rural communities in collaboration with HavServe in Haiti and will expand data collection for multiple student outcomes and help educators and stakeholders find areas for improvement. The goal is to improve data collection and analysis, …Read More

Be Part of Something Special On July 18: Mandela Day!

“Nelson Mandela turns 91 on 18 July, and the call has gone out for people everywhere to celebrate his birthday – and the global launch of Mandela Day – by acting on the idea that each person has the power to change the world.” ( The HavServe Team for Haiti is answering this call to action by launching their own “Inspire Change & Promote Access to Primary Education for ALL Children by 2015”  campaign. We are inviting all volunteers, existing and potential, to give at least 67 minutes of their …Read More

A Healthy Appetite for Education

  Proper nutrition is a crucial factor in the healthy cognitive development of a child. In Haiti, chronic malnutrition affects 24% of children under the age of five and rises as high as 40% for children living in the poorest of areas. With rural households spending more than 70% of their income on food and more than half of Haiti’s population living below the poverty line of $1 a day, it is undeniable that proper nutrition is an imminent concern. By offering basic health services and free meals to children …Read More

HS4D/HYSP Whole Child Tenets: Vision – Mission – Goals – Ethos

  Haiti Sports for Development (HS4D)™: HavServe’s Youth Soccer Program (HYSP):  Whole Child Tenets Each player enters HS4D/HYSP to learn and practices good soccer skills. Each player enters HS4D/HYSP healthy and learns about and practices a healthy lifestyle. Each player learns in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for players and coaches. Each player is actively engaged in learning and is connected to community service/service learning and broader community caring. Each player has access to personalized learning and is supported by qualified, caring coaches trained by HS4D/HYSP International …Read More

Are you on Twitter? Get Social on #Education 4 #Haiti

Are you on twitter? Join @HavServe – Become a Voluntweeter in the #Servathon 2012-2015 for Haiti! RT! Education Outreach #Haiti: #educationwillbeatpovertyinHaiti – #TeamHavServe #8MDGs RT! Give a child a backpack: #educationwillbeatpovertyinHaiti – #TeamHavServe #8MDGs RT! Promoting Primary Education in #Haiti – #educationwillbeatpovertyinHaiti #TeamHavServe #8MDGs RT! Millennium Development Goals 4 #Haiti #educationwillbeatpovertyinHaiti #TeamHavServe #8MDGs RT! Let’s get serious about charitable giving/support #educationwillbeatpovertyinHaiti #8MDGs RT! Help Haiti Help Itself #educationwillbeatpovertyinHaiti #8MDGs Team HavServe is asking you to join the HavServe Campaign on getting 4.5 million tweets with the …Read More