Cyclone Isaac Makes Those Of Us At Home Remember Those Volunteering In Haiti

 Faith.  How much do you risk on “faith” for the benefit of another? HavServe volunteers are all unpaid. The workers give countless hours to bettering the lives of families in the smallvillageofLebrun,Haiti. As this blog is being written, many HavServe volunteers have traveled to the smallCaribbeanisland in the face of a cyclone.  Carline Brice, our fearless leader, works tirelessly with the faith that the efforts brought forth by volunteers will improve the education of the children and the lives of all villagers.  Her faith and efforts are without question. The dictionary …Read More

Announcing a Strategic Partnership to Improve Classroom Instruction in Haiti

September 2012, Maryland –  WebFirst, Inc. and the HavServe Volunteer Network (HavServe) have formed a strategic partnership to improve classroom instruction and better evaluate teachers by collecting student data in rural communities in Haiti, using mobile technology for the upcoming school year. WebFirst will be designing, developing and implementing an elementary school data system for rural communities in collaboration with HavServe in Haiti and will expand data collection for multiple student outcomes and help educators and stakeholders find areas for improvement. The goal is to improve data collection and analysis, …Read More

It’s Hot! Chip In for A Cool Water Bottle – Help A Haitian Child!

These are the words of E.E. Hale, who enrolled at Harvard University at the age of 13.  Hale was an American author and historian.  More importantly, he fought for the little guy, for children and to improve intolerable situations and had the chance to reach his full potentials as a student, an opportunity not existent for most children in Haiti.To provide such opportunity and hope, HavServe volunteers have joined forces with Peter Hall, Hope2o CEO, in a focused attempt to support the most vulnerable in Haiti by provide long-term clean …Read More

The Illiterate Is the New Slavery in Haiti

“Angel” Companies Make Donating Free The Illiterate Is the New Slavery in Haiti Haiti is poor. Arguably, it is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the most lacking in the world.  Things were dreadful before the devastating earthquake felled any glimmer of hope. Approximately, 50 percent of the inhabitants are not literate.  That means that at least half of the people are destined for intellectual slavery, locked in low-paying jobs – even if they can find work. “As long as the mind is enslaved, the body …Read More

A Call for Volunteering Action for Haiti

  The Universal Declaration on Volunteering Muhammad Ali once stated, “Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.” The prize fighter might not be known for his insights on the plague of hunger, but his concern demonstrates that poverty is mankind’s fight. The war can only be won by enlisting the masses. During his days as a pugilist, Ali became the most recognized person in the world. He appreciated the love of fans, but wished that people would give that same …Read More