Teacher Sponsorship Program

Helping other people always implies resignation from something you owe for their sake. While most volunteers dedicate their time to work on site, others are not able to do that because of family and professional commitments. However, this does not necessarily mean an impediment and an exclusion from the volunteering community. Everyone of us has valuable resources in their disposal which they can share. By pooling them, we can achieve impressive outcomes and improve the situation of the most disadvantaged significantly. You can dedicate anything you have: not only skills, …Read More

Last Day in Haiti!

February 28, 2013 — Lebrun Village, Haiti. It is hard to put into words our last day in Haiti. The day began with a celebration with all of the school children from the five different schools that are partnering with HavServe. They walked the long road to school, two by two, holding… hands, each wearing their character of education t-shirt. Respect-yellow, Honesty-blue, Compassion-red, Responsibility-green, Equality-orange, Citizenship-purple … these are the core values that team HavServe is teaching to more than 800+ children in the village of Lebrun. The teachers and their …Read More

Sixth Day In Haiti!

February 27, 2013 — – Lebrun Village, Haiti. Today was our sixth day in Haiti. We spent the morning observing in classrooms. I saw teachers really trying to put into practice what they have been learning in the teacher training classes. The teachers were interacting with their students singing, dancing and playing educational games. One of the classrooms was even painted bright blue and had some posters and other visuals displayed to improve the learning environment! In the afternoon, we worked with the teachers doing some teacher training. One of …Read More

Fifth Day In Haiti!

February 26, 2013 — – Lebrun Village, Haiti. Our fifth day in Haiti began with a big breakfast because we knew we had a long walk to the Larintrie Evangelic Community School to visit another school in another village. The walk took about 1.5 hours each way and was one hill after another. We had to walk along a very treacherous, rocky… trail in the hot sun, but we had plenty of water, full bellies and good hiking shoes. The school children ( even 4 -5 years old) walk the …Read More

Fourth Day In Haiti!

February 25, 2013 — – Lebrun Village, Haiti. Fourth day in Haiti spent working with grade 2 students teaching mathematics. A bit tricky when you know a bit of French (thanks to Sr. Joan Marie some thirty years ago), a bit of Kreyol (thanks to Serge Bellegarde ). But somehow we made it …thru. Even though the room was dark and extremely overcrowded, the students were learning and working hard. In the afternoon, we worked in the HavServe Community Learning Center tutoring students in grades 1-6 in their subjects. They …Read More