Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri

Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri

Volunteering is an essential part of all societies, bringing to life the noblest aspirations of humankind. Worldwide cooperation allows us to solve social, cultural, and economic problems, and it’s a way in which the human values of community caring and serving can be strengthened. At HavServe, we rely on the work of volunteers who come together from across the world, to contribute their skills online or in the field, in an effort to build a better future for the world. Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri, he is a freelance graphic …Read More

Meet Gustavo Alencar (Team Lead-Soccer Program)

Gustavo Alencar (HavServe Team Lead, Soccer Program): Gustavo Alencar (aka Guga) is a former soccer player from Brazil who has vast experience coaching domestically and internationally. Gustavo can be described as having “Futebol nas veias” or “Soccer flowing in the veins.” Guga and his wife, our amazing photographer Guacira Da Mello, are both dedicated HavServe volunteers. Under Gustavo’s leadership, international volunteers have conducted regular coaching sessions and summer camps in Lebrun, Haiti. He has gathered a team of qualified international coaches to work with the children and train the local Haitian coaches. …Read More

Meet Ralph Gousse, M.D. (Lead, Mobile Clinic Program)

Ralph Gousse, M.D. (Lead, Mobile Clinic Program): Dr. Gousse, a practicing Hematologist/Oncologist in Central Florida, is a Co-Founder and the President of Haiti Help Med Plus and a partner at Florida Cancer Specialists. He travels to Haiti four times a year with a team of volunteers to help improve and provide quality medical care to residents in rural mountain villages in Haiti. Dr. Gousse has partnered with HavServe to add Lebrun and the surrounding villages to his service area and has conducted three mobile clinics so far.  He plans to …Read More

Meet Aric Lee (Lead, First-Aid Training)

Aric Lee (Lead, First-Aid Training): Aric Lee is a Firefighter/Paramedic in Prince George’s County, MD and the owner of Evolve To Fit, LLC, a fitness company based in Northern VA. In August of 2014, Aric traveled to Haiti to conduct a first aid training workshop for local leaders and teachers in the remote villages in and around Lebrun. He also included basic ambulance service training. Since he’s been back, Aric has been busy raising funds to help provide a method of transportation to the nearest medical facility for villagers in …Read More

Meet Rose Lord (School and Community Gardening Program Coordinator)

Rose Lord (School and Community Gardening Program Coordinator): Rose Lord has been practicing and teaching organic vegetable gardening for 16 years in various countries and cities around the world, including in her home town of Pittsburgh, PA. She is a co-founder of Global Coalition for Peace (GCFP) and the director of the Women’s Self-Reliance Program, a project of GCFP. Rose has been donating her considerable talent and experience to HavServe since 2011 and has traveled to Lebrun on numerous occasions to teach sustainable gardening. She firmly believes that helping people …Read More