Support our 2017 HavServe Summer Camp and Educational Enrichment Program in Haiti.

This year, from July 1 to 30, 2017 there will be 12 international volunteers and 24 local Haitian teachers coming together to give 500 Haitian children a much-needed break from abuse, such as child labor, restavek (domestic servants), and from the harsh reality of living in poverty and hunger in rural communities in Haiti.

For the vast majority of these young campers, the HavServe Summer Camp enables them to acquire important life skills; helps open their imagination to new and exciting possibilities; and encourages them try new experiences and grow mentally, physically, and socially––all the while providing plenty of great fun!

HavServe Summer Camp provides an exciting experience for these children as they learn the basics of good citizenship and character building; engage in community service projects that benefit their local community; and participate in leisure activities that sharpen their creativity, self-expression, and analytical skills. Sports, the creative arts, hygiene, gardening, community service, basic literacy and numeracy, science, history, and teamwork are some of the areas in which the children will develop skills.

As a result, there’s nothing more exciting than to spend a summer in Haiti’s countryside at the HavServe Summer Camp in Lebrun. The excitement is shared by both the children in the villages and the international and local volunteers who help run the program.

Here are some concrete ways in which you could help the children have a successful 2017 HavServe Summer Camp:

4 Small Actions that can make a big difference!

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3. Volunteer
4. In-Kind Donation