2 Week Volunteer Program

2 weeks of incredible volunteering experience! This is a great opportunity to contribute to sustainable development through carefully managed volunteer programs that focus on addressing local environmental and community development issues. Become an active global citizen by contributing your skills and energy on projects that truly make a difference for communities in need in Haiti.

The Ultimate 4 Week Program

Our most popular program! Spend 3 weeks in a meaningful Volunteer Project then 1 week on an action-packed Adventure Tour in Haiti. Travel and network with other volunteers who share your passion. Challenge yourself to make a change that will have a lasting impact on your life and your planet, and on the lives of those who need your knowledge and skills!

Customized Group Trips

Tailor your own volunteer/adventure experience to suit your group’s requirements. HavServe will collaborate with you to customize a quality program of varying lengths or focus for groups of 5 or more. Whether it is a soccer training group working with soccer clubs, medical students supporting healthcare programs, or teachers and students supporting schools in rural Haiti, HavServe’s customized group programs offer the best alternative for your group to give back and make a difference. This option is great for study groups, university clubs, corporate breaks, and school field trips.

Summer Trips (1 month or 2 months)

A learning experience out of the classroom! HavServe’s Summer Trips offer the perfect opportunity for university students to learn about global issues and how they can make a difference in their world. Combining service learning projects, cultural immersion and an educational adventure tour, this program will challenge anyone and provide an excellent framework for personal growth and development.