Roseann Lord

Meet Roseann Lord

“You will not only experience the pure joy of helping others but you will come away from it with a greater sense of appreciation for your own life and, without a doubt, you will learn something in the process” – Roseann Lord Meet Roseann Lord, a retired nurse from New York. Throughout her life, Roseann has worked in labor and delivery, taught Mother and Childcare for the Red Cross, ran a daycare service in her home and even operated a transcription service. However, organic gardening has been her “avocation” for …Read More

Danielle Twiss

Meet Danielle Twiss

“Volunteering is such a meaningful experience; it really opens you up to the world around you” – Danielle Twiss Meet Danielle Twiss – a senior student from Tenafly High School in New Jersey. Danielle joined HavServe at the 2017 Annual Summer Camp in Haiti, where she taught basic technology skills to local children. Inspired by her mother, Sandra Fathi, who is a board member and who has been volunteering with HavServe for many years, she wanted to find a unique and effective way to help those less fortunate than her …Read More

Sandra Fathi volunteering in Haiti

Volunteer Spotlight – Sandra Fathi

    “The poor stay poor not because they are lazy, but because they have no access to capital.” Milton Friedman’s commentary on the need for market-stimulating initiatives still rings true in much of the developing world. In economics, the cycle of poverty refers to “the set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention.” A vast majority of the world’s population finds itself entrenched in nation-wide poverty cycles, know as development traps—at least 80% of humanity lives on only …Read More

Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri

Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri

Volunteering is an essential part of all societies, bringing to life the noblest aspirations of humankind. Worldwide cooperation allows us to solve social, cultural, and economic problems, and it’s a way in which the human values of community caring and serving can be strengthened. At HavServe, we rely on the work of volunteers who come together from across the world, to contribute their skills online or in the field, in an effort to build a better future for the world. Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri, he is a freelance graphic …Read More

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