Our volunteering activities and services are possible because of the motivation and willingness of partners around the world to combine their efforts, merge their ideas, join forces with isolated rural communities, and pursue the common goal of ending extreme poverty by providing access to basic training and education.

Our Partners

These partners generously provide administrative, operational, and technical support, and help translate our volunteer efforts into high-impact action.

Individual, Corporate & Foundation Partners

In partnership with HavServe, individuals, corporations, and foundations leverage their expertise, resources, and technology to help in many ways. Their ingenuity and commitment are strengthening volunteering activities and making it possible to reduce hunger, provide basic training, access to educational resources, and basic health services to communities in need. Socially-driven, forward-thinking minds have figured out ways to turn the knowledge base of affluent countries into school meals for primary school children through an innovative school gardening model. Manufacturers are providing water pipes and fertilizer; architects are designing a solar-powered multi-purpose educational center to provide a safe space for learning to remote communities; individuals and foundations are donating in-kind resources, such as school supplies, books, solar oven, sewing machines and revolving funds.