HavServe Children & Family Services

Fostering our future community leaders and advocates.


Mentees are matched with an esteemed community leader or business professional and attend monthly group sessions on topics such as:

  • Determinants of success

  • Career options and pathways

  • Resume building and interviewing

  • Next-level education preparedness

Our mentees have opportunities to network, make professional and personal connections, and become empowered to plan their future and get involved in community service and learning.

Change the Tune Partnership

Our youth and mentors participate in a collaborative after-school learning environment. With their mentor’s guidance, they create personal goals, share ideas, and participate in project-based activities while receiving culturally responsive guidance and leadership from their mentor.

Family Engagement & Community Workforce Education

We educate and empower students from underserved backgrounds to become community leaders and change agents who advance equity. In collaboration with the mentees and their families, we facilitate a comprehensive academic and career mentoring program in partnership with Orange County Public Schools. The program focuses on coaching students for long-term success in the following areas:

  • Academic advising and course planning

  • Career options and planning

  • Choosing college preparation courses

  • Planning for college admission and scholarship requirements

  • Test preparation and study skills

  • College application assistance

  • Internship and job opportunities

Bridge the Community Divide

Haiti Community Driven Development

HavServe sends several volunteers to Haiti to serve, learn, and establish connections on community-driven development. Our goal is to share knowledge, care for the people, build sustainable infrastructures, and collaborate with schools and universities in the United States to inspire a new generation of global citizens.

Disaster Response

We train and mobilize youth volunteers to support and participate in disaster relief efforts in Orange County, Florida and Haiti.

Language Hangouts

We connect students who have limited English language proficiency with an English-speaking partner to practice and improve their language skills. The connection is mutually beneficial by enriching the volunteer’s cultural knowledge and understanding of our diverse community.

Build Healthier Communities

Addressing Social Determinants of Community Struggles

We strive to alleviate food and housing insecurities through food drives, school supply drives, and by providing other emergency supplies for families in need.

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