Sweet Tweets to support 2 great causes with one great bottle!

Join our Safe Drinking Water Campaign for the children of Haiti!

Help two great causes with one great bottle! http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti.

To eliminate the use of plastic water bottles by giving every children in Haiti a stainless steel water bottle http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti.

Hope-2o works with eco-conscious businesses who sponsor stainless steel water bottles for schools & organizations http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti

Whether you represent a school, organization, or are a potential sponsor or non-profit company, we’d like to hear from you: http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti

Show your commitment to the environment with our water bottle pledge for Haiti! : http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti

Support @HavServe with a great water bottles: Check ’em out: http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti

Thousands of deaths in Haiti per week caused by unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are children under five years old. http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Haiti

10 water bottles purchased can sponsor a primary school teacher in Haiti? http://bit.ly/HavHope20 @HavServe @hope2o #Water #Education #Haiti

22 water bottles purchased will provide a monthly stipend to one HS4D coaches: http://bit.ly/HavHope20  #Soccer #HS4D #HYSP

7000 water bottles purchased can build our safe soccer field in Haiti by 2013.
http://bit.ly/HavHope20  #Soccer #HS4D #HYSP

3 water bottles purchased can provide soccer uniform to 1 player http://bit.ly/HavHope20  #Soccer #HS4D #HYSP

3 water bottles purchased can provide school supplies to a child for 1 full year http://bit.ly/HavHope20  #Education #Haiti.

Make a difference with 1 tweet a day! Thanks for all you do and thanks for promoting safe drinking water in Haiti while providing access to education and promote soccer as tool for the development of Haiti.

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