Eriksson Sven Goran: HavServe Goodwill Ambassador

Leicester City manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has been appointed international goodwill ambassador for the non-profit organization HavServe’s Haiti Soccer for Development.

HavServe’s Youth Soccer Program is in development of a center of excellence for Haiti’s future soccer players.

His Royal Highness Prince Frederick von Saxe-Lauenberg, patron of  HavServe, brought the program to Eriksson’s attention.

“Sven personally told me he is delighted to be associated with this project,” Prince Frederick said in a statement. “In fact, we are all proud to be part of the support and training of future football stars that, hopefully, will play for their nation one day. The universal love of the game is apparent everywhere in Haiti.”

Eriksson is the former national coach of England and Mexico.

Some Haiti’s soccer players died in the earthquake that struck the country on Jan. 12, 2010.

Since its founding by Carline Brice in 2010, HavServe has advocated the soccer’s values, focusing on the qualities the sport brings to communities. The HavServe program, carried out by a network of international volunteers, focuses on soccer as a tool to keep children in Haitian villages on a positive path while their country struggles to rebuild its infrastructure.

HavServe’s goals include creating safe and level soccer fields for children, obtaining donations of used uniforms and equipment and raising money to employ coaches in villages.

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