Meet Avery Demond

A professor of fluid mechanics for 28 years and the mother of two sons, Avery’s Quaker roots have often compelled her to a life of service. Avery’s a lover of French language and culture, and when she was investigating places where she could serve, she found Haiti to be an attractive option given Haiti’s historical connections to France.

Before joining HavServe, Avery had never volunteered in Haiti, but she recommends that all on-site volunteers come to Haiti with an open mind and a readiness to learn and contribute. When volunteering abroad, Avery believes that participants from the United States should leave their American attitude and lifestyle behind —  be ready to arise to new challenges, see what you can do for yourself, and enjoy a broadening of perspective that can only take place on foreign soil.

Despite having never volunteered in Haiti, Avery’s experience with HavServe is one she would trade for nothing. Her adventure was smooth and memorable – her trip planned efficiently and well-executed so that the only question she had during her volunteering was who was going to pick her up from the airport.

After establishing lifelong connections with local Haitian volunteers and HavServe’s leadership team, Avery felt wistful that she would have to leave Lebrun behind, which she believes highlighted the impact that HavServe had on her. She knows that both Carline and Remy have offered her an opportunity to make a lasting mark, allowing her to witness a project that saw a motivated group of individuals working towards a shared commitment to improve the lives of Haitians.

There remains a lot of work to be done in rural Haiti, so Avery encourages educators, construction experts, and artists who want to make a difference to look into what HavServe can offer prospective volunteers. After all, just one trip with HavServe can change the lives of a whole community that’s on the brink of self-sustainability.


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