Meet Catalina Verna

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Catalina.

Catalina has worked with HavServe since March 2017 and has assumed a variety of roles with the organization. A native of Argentina, Catalina moved to Canada for university and currently resides in Toronto. While researching volunteer opportunities, she was immediately drawn to HavServe’s mission and commitment to Global Goals and enlisted as a member of our team when she recognized she could employ her various skillsets remotely towards a rewarding cause.

Catalina’s first role with HavServe was helping with the marketing communications, including coordinating social media, blogs, and emails and writing marketing plans. She now serves as a volunteer coordinator and helps facilitate the onboarding process for volunteers interested in traveling to Haiti.  Her outstanding organizational capabilities and leadership have been irreplaceable assets to HavServe and our volunteer corps.

She cites the HavServe team as ongoing motivation for her commitment to the organization, noting that it has been inspiring for her to see others contributing their time and skills for a cause they believe in. During her tenure at HavServe, Catalina has learned invaluable information about how non-profits work and the challenges they face. She believes that the world needs more organizations like HavServe and has become energized about pursuing a long-term career in international development and the nonprofit sector. For prospective volunteers, Catalina recommends that they consider volunteering remotely – it offers flexibility and can have just as much impact as volunteering abroad.  It’s had resounding positive effect on her life, and we believe it can do the same for you!

If you are interested joining our team of remote volunteers – check out our opportunities available here!

If you HAVE, you too can SERVE.


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