Meet Solomon Luke

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Solomon. Solomon iStrategia Solutions s one of our wonderful pro bono consultants who started taking projects with HavServe in early 2018.  Originally hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Solomon currently resides in Rockville, Maryland and is the Founder & CEO at Strategia Solutions LLC, a management & technology consulting firm which provides end-to-end technology services to their customers. At Strategia Solutions, these competencies range from customized Cloud-Based Application Solutions, Cyber Security Implementation Best Practices, and Disaster Business Continuity. Solomon and his core technical deployment team which includes Hasan “Mr. H” Shahid (COO and Partner) and Naveed “Sam” Javaid (CIO) was able to provide a customized design, development, and implementation of a responsive, mobile-compatible website for HavServe. The mission of the project was to assist the Havserve team with maximizing their exposure to the public via a web based online platform.

The successful implementation of the HavServe project continues to have a direct impact on HavServe’s volunteer community. The functionality of our website will enable prospective and current volunteers to obtain better access to information and updates which were not previously available. Solomon notes that pro bono consultancy work has been an extremely rewarding experience for both him and his team. Additionally, pro bono consultancy has provided his firm with a sense of accomplishment by facilitating a service which has a tangible impact on the lives of those around him. He cites HavServe’s team collaboration as his favorite part of the experience with our organization. He credits Catalina, Carline, and Cesar with exceptional performances in working with his internal team to meet project milestones, provide requirement specifications, and respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. In particular, Solomon was impressed with Catalina’s efficiency at process mapping and Cesar’s work with the graphic design framework. As Solomon suggested to Carline, she is very fortunate to have such a talented team of volunteers.

If you are interested in joining our team of pro bono consultants, check out our programs available here

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