Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri

Volunteering is an essential part of all societies, bringing to life the noblest aspirations of humankind. Worldwide cooperation allows us to solve social, cultural, and economic problems, and it’s a way in which the human values of community caring and serving can be strengthened. At HavServe, we rely on the work of volunteers who come together from across the world, to contribute their skills online or in the field, in an effort to build a better future for the world.

Meet Cesar Augusto Ortelan Perri, he is a freelance graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. In December 2015, he discovered HavServe through the UN’s Online Volunteers platform. Although the first project he got involved in was supposed to be a one-time assignment, he was so inspired by the work that HavServe was doing, that today, he is responsible for the design and development of all of HavServe’s communication materials.

Despite having a job and volunteering his time online to HavServe, he also contributes his design skills for different projects and organizations around the world, including ProjectEDUCATE in Zambia and the Swedish Organization for Global Health. The more he volunteers his time, the more he gets inspired and motivated to continue to use his skills to contribute to good causes worldwide.

For Cesar, volunteering online has been one of the most special experiences of his life. It was thanks to the results from his volunteering efforts that he was able to get his first paid job. As a global citizen, he values the opportunity to join and interact with a community of like-minded people from all over the world who are looking to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Volunteering is a way in which we can make connections with each other, putting our differences aside, so that we can live together in healthy and thriving communities. As Cesar puts it: “we’re all a huge family of billions of people, who apart from the language and cultural differences, are all searching for the same purpose: to make our common home a better place”.

“Every day I see how we contribute as online volunteers to make the world a better place. The biggest difference between us is the way we pronounce our colleagues names based on our accents.”

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