Meet Danielle Twiss

Volunteer Spotlight

“Volunteering is such a meaningful experience; it really opens you up to the world around you” – Danielle Twiss

Meet Danielle Twiss – a senior student from Tenafly High School in New Jersey. Danielle joined HavServe at the 2017 Annual Summer Camp in Haiti, where she taught basic technology skills to local children. Inspired by her mother, Sandra Fathi, who is a board member and who has been volunteering with HavServe for many years, she wanted to find a unique and effective way to help those less fortunate than her during her summer break.

“I am so lucky to live in a good community; with a loving family and access to excellent education…I want to be able to spread that around the world as much as I can”.

For Danielle, education is the greatest tool a person can have in life, and she wants to do her part in getting as many people educated as she can. At the summer camp, she had the opportunity to do just that. By sharing her knowledge with other youths and children on the importance of education and training for a brighter future, Danielle was able to make a lasting impact that extended beyond the time she spent in rural Haiti this summer.

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