Meet Gustavo Alencar (Team Lead-Soccer Program)

Volunteer Spotlight

Gustavo Alencar (HavServe Team Lead, Soccer Program):

Gustavo Alencar (aka Guga) is a former soccer player from Brazil who has vast experience coaching domestically and internationally. Gustavo can be described as having “Futebol nas veias” or “Soccer flowing in the veins.” Guga and his wife, our amazing photographer Guacira Da Mello, are both dedicated HavServe volunteers. Under Gustavo’s leadership, international volunteers have conducted regular coaching sessions and summer camps in Lebrun, Haiti. He has gathered a team of qualified international coaches to work with the children and train the local Haitian coaches. This program partners with local schools, empowering them to coach and implement soccer programs focused on child development and school retention. In addition to all that, Gua collects and donates gear and sports equipment AND as if that were not enough, he raises funds to build the Soccer Dream Field.

Volunteering your time, talents, skills and resources to serve Haiti, through HavServe, gives you endless possibilities to make a positive impact just like Gustavo Alencar. 

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