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These are difficult and challenging times for all of us, and your health, safety, and well-being are what matter most. We are thinking about you and remain so very grateful that you are part of our HavServe family. We know what’s probably on your mind, because it’s on ours, too: With COVID-19’s rapid spread, how can we make sure we stay safe?

Our update from Haiti is that the country is now in full lockdown after reporting its first cases of coronavirus. Our local nurse has been screening children and parents in the school for cough, fever and shortness of breath for the past two months. We have mandatory online training for all staff, have translated and distributed COVID-19 pandemic awareness information in Kreyol and French and have donated soaps to the children’s caretakers. We are continuing to look for other ways we might be helpful in addressing this crisis in Haiti and the village of Lebrun and will keep you apprised of our ongoing efforts.

Protecting the health and well-being of the kids, families and communities we serve, as well as that of our own staff and volunteers, has always been HavServe’s number one priority. In light of this, we have suspended all volunteer international travel to Haiti until further notice.

HavServe also recognizes that in times of community distress many individuals want to be of assistance, helping where there is need. In almost every form of emergency, the offer of help and willingness to gather to get things done is welcomed. In a pandemic, this is not the case. Social distancing is the recommended course for containing virus spread.

We also know that social isolation can be very damaging and that this is a time when we need to be conscious of people in need within our families, social circles, and neighborhoods. One to one contact is not advised, but check in calls, emails and social media contact can be very helpful. Adding regular communication via technology is a great way for individuals to help and stay connected. Thank you for all that you’re doing to take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities, and for continuing to find ways to help those in need.

Despite these very challenging times, our mission, core values, and vision for Haiti will remain unwavering. Thank you for believing in us and supporting us. Together, we will surmount this crisis.

No One Can Survive COVID-19 on an Empty Stomach: Support the HavServe in Haiti COVID-19 Family Relief Fund

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