2018 Summer Serve-a-Thon in Haiti


Calling all international volunteers!

HavServe is seeking team members to assist with 2018’s Serve-A-Thon Haiti, this year’s drive to bring together the best and brightest humanitarians to collaborate in prepping for our Summer Camp and Educational Enrichment Program from July 7th until July 29th.

This year’s philanthropic efforts will build upon HavServe’s previous success in rural Haiti, where we’ve been instilling pedagogy, expanded worldviews, and unfettered determination with the help of funding, supplies, and enthusiastic do-gooders from across the globe. Our 2018 Serve-A-Thon will enable us to continue to contribute resources to teacher training, classroom supplies, French and English literacy, health and wellness, agricultural development and water treatment, and fixing school infrastructure to equip Haiti for success.

If you’re an educator, you can inspire young Haitians and help local teachers to better master their craft. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial heart, you can help collect and distribute supplies that are absolutely necessary in rural community schools: writing implements, books, notebooks, and more. If you’re an agricultural specialist, your expertise can further develop HavServe’s sustainable farming program to allow community members to further their self-sustenance. If you’re a health and wellness practitioner, your input can put an end to needless deaths from preventable illness. If you have strength, you can help fix rundown schools to provide safer places for student learning.

Registration is now open—and we need your assistance to put our plans to action. With your help, Haiti can be one step closer to eradicating poverty and providing the means necessary for Haitians to assume greater autonomy over a greener, cleaner, brighter future. Just a fraction of your time and energy can provide generations of Haitians lasting partnerships, irreplaceable resources, and most importantly—hope!  Apply today to see how you can serve—because you HAVE, you can SERVE.


Andrew Blake – Blogger, writer, editor.

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