Boost your Career in 2018: Volunteer Abroad


With the holidays and new year around the corner, you may find yourself looking back on some of your successes over the last twelve months: promotions at work, checking off travel to another country off your bucket list, and developing relationships with loved ones.

The team at HavServe would like to extend our wishes to you and your families a warm, happy, and healthy holiday season. As you take time over the next several weeks to reflect on all for which you are fortunate, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that volunteering for an international NGO is one of the ways you can make your life in 2018 more full.

Not only does volunteering give participants greater senses of self-esteem, purpose, and overall satisfaction, but it’s a not-so-subtle resume booster as well. Jane Finkle, a career consultant and founder of Career Visions, notes that, “Volunteer experience demonstrates your interest in building community and the likelihood that you will be a good citizen in the workplace.” Additionally, corporations have whole departments committed to philanthropy: by volunteering, you can showcase your commitment to causes that concern industry-leading businesses.

Beyond career development, volunteering for an international NGO may provide you opportunities to explore, experience, and even immerse yourself in another culture. In 2018, volunteering abroad is a means of becoming a globally-minded citizen: in today’s world, almost every corner of the world is accessible, so why wait to broaden your own outlook?

If you’re seeking enrich yourself in the upcoming year, look no further. HavServe’s team of international volunteers comes from several continents with our own unique backgrounds and experiences. If you’d like to join us and make a difference, contact us to witness the endless ways you can get involved—and build your resume, self-worth and cultural appreciation along the way.   


If you HAVE, you too can SERVE.


Written by Andrew Blake


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