Haiti’s Youth: An Untapped Potential


Bo Bennett, self-taught programmer and American entrepreneur, once wrote that, “Untapped potential is the difference between where a person is now where he or she can be.”

It’s without a doubt that young people often serve as society’s largest reservoirs for untapped potential, but their likelihood for future greatness are oftentimes determined by their circumstances and resources available to them.  Tapping potential typically requires infrastructure that can help support young people’s quest for understanding how they can become the most promising versions of themselves.

In Haiti, grim realities often stifle and limit the possibilities of where a young person can go, or who they can become. About 60% of Haiti’s population lives on just one dollar a day, putting the impetus on young people to help their families find ways to survive. Approximately 200,000 children across the country remain out of school. Unemployment runs rampant, encouraging criminal gangs to recruit young people and exploit them.

Organizations like HavServe have implemented initiatives to help members of Haiti’s young population understand how they can unlock greater potential, despite the day-to-day challenges that young community members are forced to overcome. HavServe’s various community-based programs offer participants opportunities to make an impact in their homes, schools, neighborhoods, and villages, fulfilling a step-by-step collective effort to build a brighter future for Haiti.

Through volunteer teaching, service learning, job shadowing, and community clean-ups, Haiti’s most malleable demographic can understand that they too can make a difference – that their sweat, toil, effort will equip them with skills to unlock their potential, and that of generations to come.

If you’re willing to help encourage young Haitians to become leaders in their developing nation, contact HavServe today for information regarding one of our many programs geared towards youth groups.  With your help, there will be no limit to where the next generations of Haitians will go.

If you HAVE, you too can SERVE.



Written by Andrew Blake – blogger, editor

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