Improving Education in Rural Haiti is Key to Supporting the UN’s Global Goals


Serving the people of Haiti requires a commitment by volunteers to provide, enhance, measure and monitor the educational progress of students in the rural communities of the country. Education is an important part of the UN Global Goals.  Quality Education, is a goal that aims to improve the lives and futures of Haitians. It is also the precondition for reconstruction and reconciliation. In the face of political instability and poverty, education provides hope, stability, security and a sense of future.

Volunteers in Haiti give their time, compassion, and willingness to make a difference. By teaching the children of Haiti, they strengthen them with their technical expertise, practical know-how and vision of the world. The work of many volunteers has a lasting impact on Haiti, which has historically faced many challenges. A devastation such as Hurricane Matthew sets the country’s progress further back, as its resources to cope with housing, water supply, and fostering the education of the students require the outside assistance of many volunteers, NGO’s and private contributions. By focusing on education, we can propel the spirit and potential for many children – as books, supplies and teachers can be made readily available and give some stability in times of crisis.

Reaching the rural communities and other hard-to-serve places is not just a goal, but a commitment to the communities whose resources are more scarce than in the more developed towns and cities, and options for growth and development are very limited. The children, youth, and parents continually need and seek educational resources, and HavServe is in the remote and isolated areas, serving them through volunteer efforts. They are giving something precious, and that is hope. They are giving something lasting, and that is education. They are performing work that is meaningful, by teaching, leading, and inspiring those who need the most assistance.

Become a volunteer with HavServe today and help promote the Global Goals in Hati. Join the global volunteers who are leading others into a brighter future.

If you Have, You Too Can Serve!



Maria Gutierrez

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