Marie Miriame Michel (Lead Caterer and Leadership Trainer)

Volunteer Spotlight

Miriame-photo2Marie Miriame Michel (Lead Caterer and Leadership Trainer):

Miriame is a gifted community leader who enjoys working with others toward a common goal. A major mission in her life is to enrich others’ lives and livelihood by creating lasting experiences and building solid, productive relationships. Culturally sensitive in her approach to helping Haitian communities, she places great emphasis on the goal of reaching out to help individuals in need while maintaining community cohesion and teamwork. Her philanthropic work and desire to help others extend nationally within the USA, and internationally in Haiti.

Miriame holds a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from the University of Maryland. She has extensive experience in marketing and sales, and for the past 10 years has trained hundreds of women (mostly Haitian immigrants) in the United States to become entrepreneurs. Miriame is co-founder of the Jean-Joseph Darbouze Foundation, based in the Washington, DC Metro Area, and generously contributes her time and resources to promoting education and health service in rural Haiti. In addition, she travels several times a year to rural Haiti to provide training in community-led development. All this, while operating her small and growing business focused on catering Haitian cuisine in the Washington area.

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