Meet Aric Lee (Lead, First-Aid Training)

Volunteer Spotlight

Aric Lee - First Aid TrainerAric Lee (Lead, First-Aid Training):

Aric Lee is a Firefighter/Paramedic in Prince George’s County, MD and the owner of Evolve To Fit, LLC, a fitness company based in Northern VA. In August of 2014, Aric traveled to Haiti to conduct a first aid training workshop for local leaders and teachers in the remote villages in and around Lebrun. He also included basic ambulance service training. Since he’s been back, Aric has been busy raising funds to help provide a method of transportation to the nearest medical facility for villagers in this isolated mountainside community. He looks forward to returning to Lebrun to see his new friends while providing the needed support for emergency medical care and training.

Volunteering your time, talents, skills and resources to serve Haiti, through HavServe, gives you endless possibilities to make a positive impact just like Aric Lee. Click to  apply today.

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