National Volunteer Week: Heartfelt Thanks!


Deepest thanks HavServe volunteers!

Volunteering is part of our identity as human beings – we value civic participation and embrace a spirit of community. The tremendous efforts of our team of volunteers help fashion HavServe into a unique 100% Team of volunteers working together to promote the 8 Millennium Development Goals for Haiti. Across the world, amazing people are getting involved and effecting positive change in a variety of ways, all of them vital – from quick bursts of mobile micro-volunteering online to front-line disaster relief efforts in Haiti. The work of volunteers is essential to maintaining healthy, vibrant communities at home and around the world. National Volunteer Week (NVW) is a great opportunity to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated and recognize the incredible contributions you are making to a brighter future for the people of Haiti.

NVW pays tribute to all volunteers who graciously donate their time and energy. This is the 70th year since the establishment of NVW. This year it takes place the week of April 15 to 21, 2012.

NVW was first proclaimed in 1943 to draw public attention to the vital contribution women made to the war effort on the home front. While NVW was largely forgotten after the war ended, it experienced a revival in the late 1960s, when organizations stressed the importance of thanking community volunteers across the world. NVW was reinstated and has since grown to become the largest celebration of civic participation in Canada and the United States.

The Universal Declaration on Volunteering was adopted by the Board of Directors of the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), January 2001 in The Netherlands:

“Volunteers: Passion. Action. Impact.” is the theme of this year’s NVW campaign. The theme recognizes the individual volunteers who dedicate themselves to improving their communities, country, and world. Volunteers have a passion for getting involved; they take action to support the causes and organizations that are important to them, and they make an impact in communities around the globe.

We thank you for taking action in joining us in our work in Haiti. Your passion and dedication are needed and appreciated, and we are looking forward to celebrating your impact in Haiti.

Yours in Service,,

Carline Brice,  HavServe Founder

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