It’s Hot! Chip In for A Cool Water Bottle – Help A Haitian Child!

Project Spotlight

Can Something As Simple As A Drinking Bottle Save the Life of a Child? Indubitably – YES!
“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

These are the words of E.E. Hale, who enrolled at Harvard University at the age of 13.  Hale was an American author and historian.  More importantly, he fought for the little guy, for children and to improve intolerable situations and had the chance to reach his full potentials as a student, an opportunity not existent for most children in Haiti. To provide such opportunity and hope, HavServe volunteers have joined forces with Peter Hall, Hope2o CEO, in a focused attempt to support the most vulnerable in Haiti by provide long-term clean water solutions to the children in the village of Lebrun, Haiti.  Jointly, they are inviting you to get a cool, decorative 22-ounce stainless steel water canteen. The goal is for you to get a bottle so that a child in need can receive a similar canteen. By doing so, you will help to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. This will reduce serious health and environmental issues caused by the plastic containers currently polluting the small village.

The canteen makes a superior gift for any occasion.  Treat yourself today to one of the amazingly decorated jugs with a daily inspirational message.  With every purchase, $7.00 will go to a project for the children in Lebrun, and, additionally, a container will be provided to a Haitian child.

In America, having a sanitary container is nothing.  In Haiti, having one of those canteens for safe drinking water could mean the difference between dying of cholera or other diseases.

Inevitably, HavServe asks for donations to sustain educational programs for the children of Lebrun, Haiti.  Every cent is spent on the families of the small, hillside community.  Every activity of HavServe is by unpaid volunteers.  Here, however, is an opportunity for you to join our team of change-makers by purchasing a unique item – a standout gift.  No donation necessary.  The purchaser is the winner, because the water canteens are truly special and can be used by everyone in your family and friends.

The National Geographic reports “All the water that will ever be, is right now.”  Water is so precious to life that in some places a gallon of water costs more than a gallon of gasoline.

All of us share life’s challenges, but some are reaching for the stars.   Winston Churchill said, “the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, duty, honor, mercy and hope.”

Providing a clean, reusable, stainless steel water canteen for every child in Lebrun is simple.  Simply, purchase a colorful gift for yourself or a member of your network.  A child in Lebrun will receive a container, and $7.00 will be donated for textbooks or supplies when the child returns to school.  As Winston Churchill said, “Simple.”

Here is another “Simple” ways we would like to make a difference: 7,000 water bottles and we will get enough donations to provide a safe soccer field in Haiti for 250 children.  10 water bottles purchased would sponsor a primary school teacher.  As few as 3 containers sold would provide enough funds for a soccer uniform for a child.  And still 3 water bottles would provide school supplies for a child in need for an entire year.

For the past few years, you and I are reading in the daily news about the cholera outbreak. Thousands of deaths in Haiti are caused by unsafe water and under hygienic living conditions, every week.  Children under five are more at risk. Would you chip in  into  a “Simple” solution now to help two great causes?

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