MacKenlove Lubin [Zulitt] (HavServe Youth Volunteer)

Volunteer Spotlight

Zulitt-RevMacKenlove Lubin [Zulitt] (HavServe Youth Volunteer):

To increase access to education, especially for the community’s out-of school children, HavServe created the Lebrun Education Outreach Initiative and recruited MacKnelove Lubin as a general service volunteer. Encouraged by the work of HavServe in the area of education, MacKenlove decided to enroll in school and completed his 6th grade elementary education in June 2014 at the age of 21. MacKenlove (aka Zulitt) is a dedicated and hardworking HavServe volunteer in Lebrun, Haiti. He is the first person to be out of bed and the last to go to bed. MacKenlove, now in the 7th grade, is an effective ambassador for HavServe’s Education Outreach Program who leads by example. He continues to encourage children to go to school and, as a result, older youth (especially) are inspired to enroll and remain in school with the hope of attaining, at the very least, a 6th grade level elementary school education.

Volunteering your time, talents, skills and resources to serve Haiti, through HavServe, gives you endless possibilities to make a positive impact on youth, like MacKenlove Lubin in Haiti. Click to  apply today.

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