Meet Rose Lord (School and Community Gardening Program Coordinator)

Volunteer Spotlight

Rose LordRose Lord (School and Community Gardening Program Coordinator):

Rose Lord has been practicing and teaching organic vegetable gardening for 16 years in various countries and cities around the world, including in her home town of Pittsburgh, PA. She is a co-founder of Global Coalition for Peace (GCFP) and the director of the Women’s Self-Reliance Program, a project of GCFP. Rose has been donating her considerable talent and experience to HavServe since 2011 and has traveled to Lebrun on numerous occasions to teach sustainable gardening. She firmly believes that helping people to grow their own food is the most important step we can take towards developing a world of peace, health and freedom for all.

Volunteering your time, talents, skills and resources to serve Haiti, through HavServe, gives you endless possibilities to make a positive impact just like Rose Lord. Click to  apply today.

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